Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pop Chips

I want to start off by saying how wonderful this company is. I emailed them asking for the chance to try their products for free in exchange for a review on my blog. At first when I was typing the message I thought to myself there is no way they are even going to email me back. To my astonishment I was emailed back telling me they would love to send me products for free review on my blog, they even told me thank you and I was like I am thank you guys. Before them sending me there popchips I never had them. When the ups truck pulled up I was like thats not for me but it was. It was from popchips, It was a big box, which had one of every flavor included, it had a popchips chip bag closer, and it also had a big book of coupons two of the coupons were for free big bags of popchips. Lets just say I was so eager to try them. Here is my opinion for each flavor.
Sour cream and onion:
These were o so yummy. I was actually shocked by how good they tasted. I was not disappointed by this flavor at all.
This flavor was so nasty to me, I actually ended up spitting it out. I could not even finish swallowing the bit that I took.
I do not like barbecue flavored things but I tried one and did not like it but I figured that would not be a fair review so I gave the bag to my uncle- he liked them and said that they were not too bad.
These ones were okay but not something I would spend my money on.
Sea salt and vinegar:
I tried them and thought they were too salty so my aunt wanted them and she loved them. I would say she would totally spend the money on them.
Salt and pepper:
These were just was too peppery. I would say that if you love love love pepper you must go buy these and try them.
Parmesan and Garlic:
These werent too bad. I shared this bag with my cousin and she loved them. I would say its worth the money.

I want to thank popchips for giving me this review opportunity and I also want to tell my readers that although they provided the products too me free of charge in no way did they have any input of my reviews.

(I received free product for obtaining my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and had no bearing on my review.)

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