Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jarritos Review and Giveaway!!!! (:

This one is my favorite out of all 9 flavors that got sent to me for me to review. Thank you so much Jarritos for letting me review your drinks. (:

Grapefruit- Boy I was kind of dreading to try this one, yet I still opened it first. You ask why? Well the reason why is I figured Im eating a turkey sandwich and potato right now- I knew if I didn't like it my food would totally take the taste out of my mouth. To my amazement I love it, it's crisp yet sweet. Now let me inform all of you that I usually hate grapefruit and grapefruit flavored things. When my mommy was alive she loved everything grapefruit. I am glad that this memory came to me while drinking Jarritos grapefruit.You all should go buy one and try it right now! (:

Lime- Let me start off by saying I had automatically set a high bar before trying this flavor. I am a big time lime person.Rather it be from Popsicle 's  to candy to limeade to real limes. Boy was I not let down at all. My aunt opened it because I told her she could have some but to leave me some for my review. Lets just say after trying it, I wished I would of opened it because she literally left me like half of half the bottle, maybe even less than that. I really was not thrilled when I noticed my cup was empty. I am totally buying this flavor when I get the chance. You should do the same. (:

Fruit Punch- Ugh I really had my hopes up for this one, boy was I disappointed. I seriously disliked it. Too me it did not taste like fruit punch at all. I am not telling you guys not to try it, everyone has different tastes. Just telling you what I thought about it. ):

Mexican Cola- Yuck Yuck yuck. Now I just started six months ago liking coca cola a lot and I actually thought this was going to resemble it, boy was I wrong big time. I would not recommend this one at all. ): 

Pineapple- Let me start off by saying one of my favorite fruits is pineapple. I love how pineapple has a sweet/sour combination.Okay now, I am going to tell you how gross I thought this flavor was. It made me want to throw up. My uncle Nathan loves the pineapple flavored one.

Tamarindo- This one was even nastier than the cola one. I don't really know what tamarindo even is and I totally would not recommend for anyone to go out and buy this one. I would actually tell people not to waste their money on this flavor. Again let me say it is so YUCKY!!! ):

Strawberry- Keep in mind I have never been a strawberry soda kind of girl. I tried this with open arms. Its not the nastiest but it is totally too sweet for my taste. 

Mango- I was so excited to try this flavor because mango is one of my favorite fruits. OMG was this flavor awesome. I so would buy this flavor sometime. Yummy to my tummy. Okay now shut down your computer and go buy one right now. J/k. (:

Mandarina- I was actually scared to try this one but I tried it and loved it. It was funny because my aunt Kelly wanted some of this one but with it being so good I so forgot to save her any. 

Jarritos and I are hosting a giveaway. One winner will win a case of all 9 Jarritos flavors that I reviewed and also an Jarritos t-shirt.

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Good luck every one. This giveaway starts now and closes on Friday the 19th at 9 pm PST. Happy go lucky entering. Of course winner is picked through random.org and will have 48 hours to contact me, if winner does not contact me, another winner will be chosen.

(I received free product for obtaining my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and had no bearing on my review.)


  1. I WAnt lime.

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  2. I subscribed via google as queenjanine.
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    My favorite is Lime because that is my favorite soda! :)

  3. No need to post what you have done. Only comment the thing that i say to comment on. In this case crystal if you do not go back and answer the question fully you will not be able to win.

  4. What a fun giveaway. Hopefully I'll enter the others correctly. :)

  5. For some reason it won't let me tweet about this it says I need to complete the mandatory entries first?????

  6. The ones that are colored green are mandatory. You must follow instructions. If whoever enters does not follow instructions I will delete those entries.

  7. Pam your entries are not valid for this giveaway, You did not follow instructions. ):

  8. Crystal same thing goes for you. To enter and win my giveaways my readers must follow the rules.


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