Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Alphabeasts company sent me three of the alphabeasts to review. I thought they were all adorable and I am going to talk a little bit about each one.

This is the one that I kept for myself and I love this little cuddly stuffed animal. I kept this one because I love vampires and it has vampire looking teeth so this one was just perfect for me. I so recommend him to everyone from kid age to being an elderly person. My dog Hailey often tries to chew on him, she loves big stuffed animals and I constantly have to put him up so she will not chew on him.

This is the one I decided to give my twinn (shes not really my twinn, she is my cousin but we call each other sister, besties and twinns). She loves this stuffed animal she cuddles with it all the time. She loves her. She freaked out one night because she could not find her. It was so cute, let me mind you she is 17th and loves it which is awesome. (:

This is the one I gave my cousin Nessa Wessa, she loved that it had blue on it. She loves the color blue. I thought this was the right one for her right when I got it and seen it. I totally recommend for everyone to go out and buy these for there family members.

(I received free product for obtaining my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and had no bearing on my review.)

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