Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Andrea Professional review part one!!! (:

Information about products:
- Andrea Professionals has been the leader in the development of innovative effective hair removal product in Canada for over thirty years.
-Each kit that Andrea Professionals sells all come with a 2 oz bottle of SloGrow Lotion, which enhances the results of removing the hair with continuous use.
-SloGrow Lotion is a new & exciting addition to the Andrea family.
-SloGrow Lotion is a hair inhibiting lotion that is designed to minimize the appearance of new hair, extend time between waxing and condition & soothe the skin post-wax.
Body Hair Removal Creme-
-Can be used on body, arms & legs.
-Pain-free method to remove unwanted body hair.
-Hair free longer than shaving.
-Effective & easy to use.
-For normal to coarse hair.
-For all skin types.
Facial Hair Removal Creme-
-Can be used on face, upper lip and chin area.
-Gentle formula for the face.
-Safe and easy to use.

Facial Hair Removal Creme Kit-
-Contains 55 g hair remover
-Contains 15 g soothing creme
-Contains SloGrow lotion
-Contains spatula
-Contains easy-to-follow instructions

Body Hair Removal Creme Kit-
-Contains 170 g hair remover
-Contains sponge with buff
-Contains easy-to-follow instructions

My review:
When the box arrived, I told my cousin how wonderful it was of Maria at ACI Brands to send me all that she did. I received a kit of every product!!! Yay me!!! :) Thank you so much Maria for your kindness that you have. I totally could not wait to try these awesome products from Andrea Professionals. So far I have been able to try two of the products. That is why this review is going to be in parts. Welcome to part one. Here is my review on two awesome products!
Facial Hair Removal Creme-
This is the first product that I tried. I left it on longer than it said because my twinn was taking hers off. She did not like the product but I love it. To me it is awesome. The spatula that comes with it, hurts to use though. I am hoping they might make a different spatula for this kit. It took all the hair off. At first when I took it off, I was really red and it itched like crazy. The next day however my face was no longer red and no longer itched. My face was as smooth as a baby's bottom. yay (:
Body Hair Removal Creme-
This is the second product that I tried. This kit comes with a sponge/buffer thingy, OMG it is freakin amazing. I love this product it is so far my FAVORITE. I could not believe it, when you take the hair off you can see it on the sponge. Weird but oh so cool. I think this kit is better than any hair removal product that I have ever tried. It is amazing! You so need to buy it like now. (:
I am so looking forward to trying the other products. When I end up trying the last one to try Maria and I are going to be holding a giveaway for my readers. More details later.

(I have personally reviewed the product listed above. I did not receive any payment for my review. I did receive a free product to try out so I could evaluate and use it for my review. My thoughts & opinions in this review are honest and your opinions may be different than mine. I am not responsible for delivery of any giveaway items won from this blog, but if you have any questions about the item you have won, please email me and I will look into it.)

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