Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Publicist by Christina George Review (((:

Beware this review will have spoilers- I usually do not like to give actual spoilers but it was brought to my attention that I might need to. Happy reading! ((:

My review:
OMG this book is amazing.Kate is my favorite character, she is also the main character. I love how Kate, who is a publicist, actually talks one of her authors off the ledge of jumping ship. This author wanted to kill herself over not getting picked to go on the Oprah show. Not because she really wanted to go on the show but because her character is all about name brands and looking her best. Omg, she bought Armani for the show how dare Oprah do that do her. This story takes place in New York. I wish I could go to New York. Every time I read about New York in a book, it makes me want to visit even more. It is amazing how Kate's character is- I butterflying love her!!!! I love the comedy that this book has. It is well written. Great job Christina. Keep up the great work!!! I totally recommend this book. ((:

Stars I give this book:
***** (5)

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