Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting Older

Getting Older
Posted by Gaylord Campbell
My wife and I are getting older, and I keep reading in the news about how elders in the community are getting taken advantage of by con artists and schemers. I recently read about some scheme with tax return money and older people falling for it, and losing all their money to a scam plan. I don’t think we will get taken advantage of because I’m pretty sure I have my wits about me still, but it did get me thinking. I mentioned to my wife that maybe we should consider a security Systems for home. It’s not something we’ve thought of before in all these years, but I find myself feeling more vulnerable now that I am aging. I used to feel a lot of tough in my younger years than I do now. I am an ex- marine, so I’ve always felt like I could defend myself. Recently, though, I’ve become aware of how much I’ve aged and I want to make sure we are protected in our home as we age.

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