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Close your eyes and imagine two little girls coming home from school to find one of their rabbits feet hanging on the wall above the kitchen walkway and the other one dripping blood in their stepfathers hand, with a metal linky thing going through the rabbits feet. Yes, this sounds far fetched; but sad to say it really happened. Those little girls were me and my younger sister. The guy was are stepfather Daryn, he was on one of his heroine binges and could care less of the feelings my sister and I were going to have. I used to loved rabbit feet good luck charms, but to this day I cringe at the thought of them. In his drug induced mine he thought he was being caring to my sister and I but in reality he was not. He truly was gone, heroine took him from us and to this day as far as I know he never gave it up. He let that drug take his and life and control him. He would say he was going to get help but always ended up stealing from us and using that money to get doped up once again. I wonder why he could not bear to get the help. I also wonder if Prominence Treatment Center would've been able to help him and I believe they would of been able to.

Prominence Treatment Center is a non 12 step Alcohol and Drug Rehab located in Malibu, California. This Treatment Centers non-12 step process focuses on each individual patient which looks into finding the underlying problem for that individual. This Treatment Center does not believe that one program should be followed by every addict and that is why they use a non-12 step program. I love this. Individuality!!! Prominence Treatment Center takes a holistic approach to treat substance abuse. That’s why every client receives dedicated, one-on-one attention from its world-class team of highly trained medical specialists. Through these individual consultations, Prominence is able to set up each client with their own unique treatment plan.

There are many programs offered at this rehab but I am going to only talk about some of them and with each I will give a personal story. I am not giving you, my readers these stories to use against me or to make me better in your eyes. I am using these personal stories of mines to help you or someone you love decide to get the help you need if you have an addiction.

Drug Detox- is something that everyone who uses drugs and/or alcohol will go through. This facility will make the detox as comfortable for you as possible and it is also a medically supervised drug detox which is great because you will have doctors and nurses by your side to help you if needed.

Meth- This facility will help you come off this drug and give you the skills to say NO!!! This drug will tell you it is your best friend. It will say you won’t be anything in life unless you are with me. It will control your life. You will not just want to get high but you will feel the need to get high because if you don’t within a certain amount of time you will get one or all of these withdrawal symptoms: shakes, vomiting, nausea, headaches, body pains and angriness (lots of it). I know this because I was once a meth addict. I have been clean for five years and I know if you need help you can do it too!!! I am not saying it is easy but if I can get clean so can you.

“E”- This is another powerful drug that this facility helps people overcome. I was once addicted to this drug also. I quit cold turkey but I do not recommend that route for everyone. My first time doing this drug I did not know I was actually taking “E”. I know you are thinking “Yeah right” How can one not know right? Well I am telling the truth my first time I took it it was in the weed I was smoking. Two of my guy friends laced it because on many counts I told them I did not want to do it. Guess what after smoking that weed I was hooked. I knew I would be and that is why I kept saying no. That no did not count for me, two people took it into their own hands too cause an addiction that I knew would happen and did not want to already add to my meth addiction that they knew nothing about. I actually do believe that if you think you need help and you do not think you can do it by yourself that is okay because this facility is here for you. http://www.prominencetreatment.com/ Just check out all the amazing treamtent programs they offer. What can it hurt just to click the link and read more on it. It cannot hurt. Just click the link!!!!

Prominence Treatment Center is equipped to treat addictions like alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, oxycontin, percocet, and vicodin. Prominence also offers disorder treatment for anxiety, codependency, depression, and gambling. The treatment of these addictions consists of therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, positive approach therapy, counseling, nutrition, yoga, art, and music.  

What To Expect At Rehab On A Typical Day:
Prominence Treatment Center’s inpatient rehab program is intense and is focused on maximizing your time at our facilities. We want to get you back to your life, but without the need for drugs and alcohol, and with a more positive outlook on life.
Our days typically begin at 7:00 am with a meditation session. This is a productive and peaceful way to start your day. After breakfast our residents enjoy physical activities, such as a walk on the beach, a hike, or time spent in the gym. What you choose to do is up to you, but we require our residents to exercise to help the mind and body heal.
In the late morning, we have our first group. Which group session you attend is based on your individual treatment plan. Throughout the course of a day, residents participate in four different groups, the last starting at 6:30 pm. Each individual is also required to meet with a counselor one-on-one each day, which is appropriately built into your busy schedule.
After completing the day’s activities, residents are free to do as they please until 11:00 pm. Some residents prefer to do their therapy homework or participate in some sort of physical activity, but many residents are tired from their full day of rehab courses and opt to relax or watch TV.

Here are some pictures of this amazing treatment center, enjoy!!!

While getting drug free you will be sleeping in a very nice bed.

Picture lounging and talking to others who are getting help too.

Lovely bathroom.

Beautiful swimming pool. Drug free and relaxing.

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  1. I certainly love your concept. Who wouldn't wish to go back to sobriety in such a wonderful place. I hope that other drug and alcohol rehab centers would come up with something that will help each patient embrace the sad fact of their mistakes with a smile.


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