Friday, November 22, 2013

GiftCardRescue (:

About the company:

Buy Gift Cards

Buy discounted gift cards to over 400 popular merchants and save up to 35%. We also offer eCodes, which are electronic gift cards that you can use online and in-store.

Sell Gift Cards

Have unwanted gift cards? Sell us your gift cards and get up to 92% cash back on our gift card exchange

Bulk Gift Cards

Selling a large amount of gift cards? Our Bulk Sales Department will be happy to help. We are the #1 buyer of bulk gift cards or wholesale gift cards. Get fast payment and special bulk pricing.

My review:
I want to start off and say how fantastic the customer service is for this company. Some companies have lousy customer service not this one. I will have to state that I was not able to go through the actual process of buying a discounted gift card nor selling one but for my honest review I was sent a $25.00 Walmart gift card. This review would have been completely longer if I would of been able to go through the process but because of that not being the case this review is going to not be as long. I did think shipping took a little longer than I hoped but as I was informed it is most likely due to the fact that there is a 48 hour processing time and they also only have 12 employees at GiftCardRescue. If you ask me I think their company rocks with how little employees that they have. I did not know this bit of information at first. Am I one who would buy a gift card from this company? I would say yes, if an occasion was to arise where I wanted to buy a gift card at a discounted price I would consider this company again. Would I ever sell a gift card through GiftCardRescue? Sure I would if I ever felt the need to because you actually would get $22.50 for a $25.00 Wal-mart gift card. Sure it is not as much as you paid for it but it is more that $0.00. This was just an example for you (my readers) to see what amount they pay for a gift card you will not be using, which is just sitting around collecting dust. Now on the buying side of things you can get a $26.06 Wal-mart gift card for $25.53. Sure it is not by much but to me every cent counts saving any amount is awesome because that could be the difference of having enough money for your coffee the next morning. (: Come on peeps whenever you get an itch to buy a gift card buy one at a discounted price from  GiftCardRescue

I so want to thank this company for picking me to review them, I truly hope God blesses your company and that at least some of my readers give you a chance. Keep up the great work! (:

(I have personally reviewed the product listed above. I did receive a free product to try out so I could evaluate and use it for my review. My thoughts & opinions in this review are honest and your opinions may be different than mine. I am not responsible for delivery of any giveaway items won from this blog, but if you have any questions about the item you have won, please email me and I will look into it.)

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