Sunday, April 27, 2014


I paid for a box but was really uneasy about it as I could not find any reviews on the April box that I was told has already been shipped out. I also felt uneasy because in an email they stated this:
 I will not be taking any more payments until we resume in September.
To see what they meant by this I went to their website and it did not say anything about it that I could find so I went to their facebook wall and seen people saying that they hope they start back up in September so being the nervous person I was I asked :
Can you maybe let me review this box? I have three blogs I can post it on. I have a youtube channel I can do an unboxing/review video. I can post on all my social network pages. Please say yes. I would love to do this review. 
they replied:
We only keep a few extras on hand which are for paying customers. 
Once the pictures of our boxes go upon our website, we usually have three or more customers that trickle in.
We had more boxes available to bloggers when we first started because we were trying to get the word out.
We also have lost some boxes to bloggers, as they claimed they would do a review and never did.
The bloggers that do reviews now are paying customers. 
So you have to understand, as a business, we just can’t simply afford to give away boxes that are worth $45-$70 every month.

Maybe you should ask one of the bigger college subscription boxes for a complimentary box.  I’m sure they have plenty to spare.
Please let us know how you would like to proceed.
I then replied:
I do not want a refund I would like to receive the April box. Can I ask how many items are coming in the box and what the total of the items in the box are? Not going to change me not wanting a refund just curious and kind of excited to be getting your box. Also do you guys always take summers off? I am asking because I am going to do a review on the box and I want my readers to have nothing but accurate information. Also when will my box be shipping and what date should I have it by the latest?
they replied:
That would ruin the surprise and they put a happy face 
and right after they sent this message they sent this one:
This is our first year in existence so this is our first summer off.  Not to say that we will continue during the summer in the future or not.
It will depend on the success we have when and if we resume in the fall.
I can ship it out tomorrow priority mail which is 1-3 days.
I then replied:
Thank you. How can you not tell me how many items are in the box? That confuses me
they replied

There is two of one item.  Four of another.
If you count how many different items there are, I believe there are 8.
If you count them individually, I believe there are 14.

Now, if you would like to know anything else about the box, you would have to receive it.
Isn’t that the whole point of subscription boxes?  The element of surprise??

You have a lot of questions that no one has ever asked before.
I don’t feel I can help you any more than I already have.

Like I said, I am more than happy to honor a refund.

Let us know by tomorrow afternoon what you would like to do.

Good night.
i replied
I would like to receive the box but I feel as if you have attitude with me for asking questions. That is not very good customer service. I am asking because most monthly boxes actually tell you how many items you will get or they at least say between two numbers of how many items. Also with you box being pricey and me doing a review for my readers even though I am paying for the box. I want to be able to tell my readers if they get their moneys worth or not. Most boxes also will tell you what the box items are worth, that way subscribers know what they are getting into.

After I sent this email I got an email from paypal saying I was going to be getting a refund so I then emailed saying this
Why did I get a refund when I said I wanted a box? I really was in support of your company and was going to even do a review to help your company out if you stay in business but for this I am still doing a review and I will tell everyone I know plus more about this crappy customer service I just got.

I did not get another reply back and I checked my bank - I did not see a refund but I did not see there charge anymore so I thought since they were refunding me back super fast it just was like nothing ever happened so I went to bed and later the next day I checked my bank ( I have a habit of constantly checking it, I am afraid of being fraud against) and I noticed this payment

So I then emailed 
Why was I charged once again for your box? I no longer want to do business with a company who is rude. I want my refund asap. If this is not fixed I will contact my bank and count it as fraud.

and of course got no response so I headed to there facebook page: 
and asked about it there I will admit I was rude but I was ticked off about them already talking crap about me on facebook and me finding out in a group I am in on facebook.

It is bad customer service to do something like that and not only that they liked their own status like who does that?

I got a response stating that they did the refund at a certain time I then apologized for being rude and told them that I will wait till Tuesday to see what happens with refund and all that jazz. 

They responded by saying thank you and I responded telling them sorry again for my rudeness but after the horrible customer service from them I felt wronged against and I also told them that a negative review was going to be happening. 

They then in turn apologized to me and I felt like every person/ every company deserves a second chance but of course I was iffy on paying for a box because of how I was already treated so I then commented:

That they could fix this whole thing by sending me a box to review and in the review of the box I would tell my readers how they apolgized for being rude and sent a complimentary box to be reviewed.

I do not like doing horribly negative reviews but I knew that if they did not fix it some how a negative review was going to have to happen. I knew in my heart that my readers deserved to know what happened. 

They responded no and said sorry for the bad customer service and said that they were tired and were going to go to sleep. 

Still feeling uneasy about leaving a status on their wall about not giving me a refund when they stated they did and with me agreeing to wait till Tuesday to press on the subject any further I decided to delete the posting because I did not want their readers to feel bad about them over a refund that might just be taking its time.

I seriously did not know that this was going to go on further, I was just going to do a review and never contact that company again unless I did not end up getting my money back by Tuesday.

I went on facebook and noticed I had a notification that I was tagged in a discussion in a group that I am in. The posting was pretty much letting me know that ubox posted my picture saying I was a bully. 

There are a ton of people in the group I want to thank, To all of you who were protecting me thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and to those saying negative things about me if you have nothing nice to say why must you say anything at all. You do not have to like me but I am kind of tired of crying after reading mean comments about me in the group I am in. It is getting to the point where the good of the group isn't going to be able to keep me anymore because I cannot handle getting stressed about comments about me. I am not for online bulling or being rude to someone. If you don't like someone that is your choice but leave it at that.

Sorry for the lack of punctuation. I am not having a good day today,

Thank you for reading this feel free to comment. I am also going to post this on two other blogs I have just to get this to everyone who reads my blogs. 



  1. Here's my comment: You're a scamming idiot.

  2. Exactly! Just face it u were going to do a negative review of them anyways just because you didn't get a FREE BOX! U make all of us bloggers look bad! And you say ur a christian??? HA!


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