Wednesday, June 10, 2015

First Response Pregnancy Tests.

“I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for First Response. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

My husband, Tim and I are currently trying to conceive but it has been hard so far because of my body not producing enough hormones for me to menstruate. We actually thought I was pregnant because I have been without my monthly since March 26, that made me 45 days late when I finally went to the doctor to get checked. I was diagnosed with PCOS and put on a hormone to help make my body menstruate. Anytime I miss a period I will be using the newly designed First Response tests to test. I am now going to tell you what is new with these tests and what I like about each new feature.
Design features:
1. A curved shape handle to easily fit in a woman's hand- I love how the handle just fit nicely in my hand. Usually I find it awkward holding pregnancy tests in my hand because my hand is small and weird but this test was so easy to hold because of the new curved shape design.
2. A wider tip (50% winder to be exact)- I felt as if with a wider tip it was easier to catch my urine on it. Sometimes with a smaller tip I feel as if I am peeing on the stick but turns out not much of my urine got on the tip. So not the situation with this new design. I really prefer this wider tip test than any other I have used.
3. A longer handle- They must of known I use First Response tests and needed longer handled tests to be made. With my short arms I always feel as if I am peeing on my hand because the handles aren't usually long enough. Not with this test I felt great using this test. No urine got anywhere on my hand. Truly an amazing thing to happen.

Other features:
1. Results in 3 minutes -I loved that within three minutes my result was going to show and be 99% accurate. 
2. Two pink lines is a positive result- Easy to read results is a must when I use a test. I don't want to have to look for a cross or blue lines because blue lines have a huge tendency to have evap lines which lead to many women thinking their test was positive when in fact it was negative.
3. Testing able to be done as early as 6 days before a missed period- Although this feature isn't something I would use because I do not like to test unless I miss my period. I do know many women who would love this feature. Most tests are 5 days before a missed period so for this test to be 6 days before missed period the bar has now been raised.
4. Test can be used at anytime of day- This truly is amazing because most tests will say on the box or on the insert included that it is best to use first morning urine. Most ladies don't want to have to wait to test and I love that they don't have to with these new features.
§  Available at all major drugstores, mass and grocery stores
§  Retail Value: $8.99 - $15.99

Rating I give these newly designed tests:
***** (5 stars)

My review:
I truly love the new First Response tests and recommend for you to use these over any others. I loved not getting urine on my hand when taking a test. Even though I new the test was going to be negative I used it to give a 100% honest review. Receiving free products and or promotional items has nothing to do with how I review a product. I gave this product five stars because First Response did an amazing job at re-designing their tests.

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