Thursday, July 28, 2011

Give aways coming soon!!!!

Continuum Games and I are going to be hosting a giveaway the giveaway will start most likely in the first week of August. There will be one winner chosen randomly through The winner will win the game * Discombobulation *!!! The contest will be posted with my review of the game. Keep a look out for this one!!!

Also Farm Rich and I are going to be hosting a giveaway, this giveaway does not have a start date yet. This contest will have three winners chosen who will each get one coupon good for one Farm Rich product. This contest will also be posted and active when I do my review Farm Rich.... Winners again will be chosen randomly. Keep a look out, you do not want to miss these contests!!!

Therabreath and I are going to be hosting a giveaway. There will be two winners. One person will win 1 tube of therabreath toothpaste and the second person will win 1 bottle of therabreath oral rinse. Keep posted! You do not want to miss it.

Jarritos and I will be hosting a give away stay tuned for more details. (:

Foodshouldtastegood and I will be hosting a giveaway one winner will win a sample box of 5 bags of chips. Winner will choose the 5 flavors that they want. (: Keep posted!!! Come back everyday and check. You never know when the contests will get posted.


  1. very cool! i look forward to reading your reviews and entering those giveaways!

  2. All sounds good, will be watching for it all!! Good luck and thanks for doing this!!

  3. Your very welcome. If anyone knows of people looking to do product reviews and or blog giveaways please send them my way. Thank you. Please forward this blog to all that you know. (:


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