Saturday, July 30, 2011

"A Critical Loss of Balance" by Mark Shaver GIVEAWAY! (:

A wonderful company called MS Mysteries is providing me with one book for me to read and review and two copies of the book for my readers to win. This giveaway will end Saturday July 30 at 11:59 p.m PST.  The winners will win randomly by Random.ORG! You must follow my blog to enter and leave a comment, without doing these two things you cannot win. (:

Here is some information about "A Critical Loss of Balance" by Mark Shaver: this suspenseful thriller about every
parent's worst nightmare - having your very own child being kidnapped - and
the circumstances that follow.

The mystery opens with main character Cliff Elliott thinking he had endured
the worst thing a parent could endure when his nine year old daughter was
kidnapped, but he was wrong.  Elliott finds that the circumstances leading
to her return are far worse than anything he could have imagined and
suddenly his entire life was cast out balance.

Good luck everyone! (:

Update: picked #2 as giveaway winner #1 (who is Jessica King) and picked #1 as giveaway winner #2 (who is Suzie Losey). Thank you to those who entered. Please look check daily for more giveaways. Thank you and God bless! (:


  1. suzie losey

  2. GFC Follower
    Sweet20j at yahoo dot com

  3. I'd like to enter please :)

  4. i follow your blog!

  5. Winners are Jessica king and Suzie Losey. Please message me with your contact information and I will have the company get your books out too you as soon as possible. Jessica was picked first by she was #2 and Suzie was picked second by random. org she is #1.

  6. WOOOHOOO - what do you need from me?

  7. Thank you SOOO much and I sent you a email!

  8. Both of you are very welcome. Please when you guys get your prize- either email company or snail mail them saying thank you to them also. Do not forget when done reading the book you guys come and post what you thought. (:


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