Monday, August 1, 2011

Discombobulation review and Giveaway!!! (:

I was so excited about Beth Daniels from Continuum Games sending me the game Discombobulation in exchange for my honest review. The box it came in is hard to open- took me like two minutes to open it. The first time playing it is fun but hard to get the hang of. The rules that came with the Discombobulation are not very detailed. 

There are cards in the game called discombobulation. These cards are so interesting.
For example:
For the queue the zoo card my fiance Tim had to give each of us an animal. He chose cat for me and cow for him. Which means every time before I talked I had to meow and every time before he spoke he had to moo. It was so funny. I ended up having to draw cards for that discombobulation. 
For the A law discombobulation card. My law was that we had to kiss one another every time before we put cards down. Now I made this law thinking there is no way one of us will have to draw cards right? I mean come one how can we forget to kiss one another. O boy was I wrong Tim ended up having to draw 3 cards right away! I was like "You can't remember to kiss me, Woah! ): 
I love this game but although it is a fun game with only 2 players I would recommend playing with at least 3 players, whenever possible.

Continuum Games and I are hosting a giveaway for 1 winner to win the game Discombobulation. In order to enter to win you must do the following: 
If you have won anything from Continuum Games in the last 6 months please do not enter, Thank you and GOD bless! (:

The winner will be picked randomly from to win one Discombobulation game. The winner should leave a comment on my blog after they receive the game and play it about what they think about it. Giveaway starts now and closes on Fri, August 5th, 2011 @ 9pm pst. Thank you! (: Please leave only one comment per person. Do not post more than one comment .I will be picking a winner August 12th at 9 pm PST. Which means this giveaway is now opened again. 

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(I received free product for obtaining my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and had no bearing on my review.)


  1. I will be checking that everyone who enters does what they are saying they are doing. Their are two people who said they left comments however I do not see any. Double check your comment is on this page and make sure too do what all instructions say.

  2. I am so excited to win this! I love any games!! Anything that gets the family together I will take! If I had to pick 1 though it would be KWIZNIAC!

  3. I would love to play with my husband and in laws. we have a blast playing different card games why not this. I would say this game. It seems VERY interesting.

  4. ok sry the anonymous one is me.. i couldnt figure this site out lol.

  5. Shana- Its okay thank you for letting me know. (:

  6. We would play with our kids. They love new games.

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  7. Elizabeth
    jama volpe nisonger
    carissa nalley

    I wanted to let you three know your entries got deleted as you did not follow instructions. If this continues to happen you will not be allowed to enter any longer. Please read the rules and follow, if it says to leave me a comment on my blog you must do so by answering the question that I ask.

  8. Angela sorry I have to also delete your entries you only answered part of the comment question. You also needed to go to website and pick a game that looked the best to you.


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