Monday, November 21, 2011

Flat Iron Experts Review (:

When contacting this online store who sells mostly flat irons which are pretty much 100.00 and more. I thought no way are they going to write me back and allow me to review one of their products in exchange for a free flat iron. The person I was emailing was so kind to me. I have to say they have awesome customer service. At first they wanted to send me a regular flat iron that was not much difference then the one I currently own. I asked if there was anyway they could send me a digital flat iron. They said yes. I was amazed.

It is really funny because last week I was telling my fiance Timothy, how eventually I really want to get a wet dry flat iron. Guess what today (Oct19th) I was so excited to open the package and see what they decided to send me. Just by looking at the flat iron that they sent I was in awe and it just so happened that my hair was still wet. Yay me. At first I thought I was going to have to blow dry my hair to try out my new flat iron. Instead I found out that in my amazement they sent me a wet dry flat iron and some heat shine protect-ant spray.

The Avanti flat iron heats up to 450 degrees in less than 30 seconds. I was amazed by this. Yes when I straighten my hair I leave it on the 450 degrees. I have burnt myself a few times but that's just because I tend to grab the hair that was just in the hot flat iron. My hair looks fabulous after being straightened with this flat iron. You can buy one for yourself at the low price of 159.95. That is 100.04 off of the original price of 259.99. Can you say wow? I know I did, that is a huge saving.

The KQC Thermal Shine Spray is awesome and did not leave my hair with an oily touch!!! Yay for that. (: This spray is for all hair types. This spray is multi-purpose, it eliminates frizz, adds shine, it de-tangles your hair, softens and polishes your hair. Awesome right? I know and guess what you can get this spray at the low cost of 13.99 that is 5.00 off of the regular price of 18.99.

(I received free product for obtaining my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and had no bearing on my review.)

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