Thursday, March 15, 2012

Desert Journey by Dr.Jerry

 About the author:
Dr. Jerry’s life has been as interesting as it has been varied. He has a Ph.D. in Human Learning and has worked in Schools, Mental Health Organizations, and as a Forensic Psychologist for the Department of Corrections. Besides providing treatment, he has trained other people in how to best help those in need. His techniques and approaches have been presented in print by news media and on national television.
Dr. Jerry will say his life experiences are equally important, bringing him to this point in time. He has skydived more than 1400 times, has 3,000 hours of flying airplanes and helicopters, scuba dives, repels, and is an avid motorcycle rider. Dr. Jerry trains horses, riding them in the Midwest, as well as the desert Southwest.
Relationships have been important for this lifetime. He has been married several times and “in love” with many more, as he has learned the power of connections in this life’s journey. Dr. Jerry has said, with a smile, "I have been in relationship  school."
“We create our own universe,” Dr. Jerry says. “Our thoughts about ourselves, relationships, and life in general begin by the things we say and think, every moment of our life. These thoughts provide the structure for our reality and are powered by the emotions we feel. The people who are in our life have been drawn there by the pictures and thoughts we create.”
Dr. Jerry wants us to understand this concept of life and use it to shape the future we want. He writes a fictionalized account of his own struggle to learn these lessons in Desert Journey, available on this website.

About the book:

Reeling from yet another relationship failure, Jerry travels to the American Southwest to spend a couple of months riding his horse, savoring the warm weather, and finding respite from the daily grind. But what begins as a simple escape to the wide-open spaces of Arizona soon becomes a powerful odyssey of self-discovery.
When Jerry comes upon an Indian named Tom in the middle of the Superstition Mountains, he senses that the meeting is no casual encounter. Wise and unreserved, Tom speaks to Jerry with a knowingness that both unnerves and captivates him.
Jerry is compelled to return to the mountain again and again to accept Tom’s challenges, exercises, and assignments for living in the moment, tuning into the love all around him, and honoring a connection to Spirit. With Tom as his guide, Jerry uses dreams and visions of his own past lives to make sense of his modern reality.
Tom’s lessons cause Jerry to question long-held beliefs, but they also afford him the insight he needs to move beyond pain and make his metaphysical journey toward inner peace and enlightenment.

My review:
This is an very awesome book. Go out and buy now you will not regret it. I could not believe how amazing this book is oh boy I loved it oh so much. It was not boring in any way. Again I say go buy a copy now. I want to put it out there that I am one lucky female to have been able to review books and for them to turn out amazing. Nothing is better than a book not being boring. (:

Stars I give this book:
***** (5)
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