Thursday, March 15, 2012

Return to the Desert by Dr. Jerry

About the book
In this sequel to the novel Desert Journey, Jerry Burgener continues studying the spiritual lessons provided by his American Indian spirit guide, Tom, as he chronicles his incredible journey to understand life and relationships and why we choose one lover over another.
Again basing his story on true events, Jerry returns to Tom's mountain retreat near Apache Junction, Arizona, expecting sympathy and understanding from Tom when he relays that his fiancé has cheated on him with an ex-boyfriend. Instead, Tom calmly states, "Everything is perfect and as it should be." Jerry soon realizes he has to relearn many lessons Tom taught him on the very same mountaintop a year earlier and then must achieve a whole new level of understanding in order to find inner peace. As Jerry struggles to comprehend his need to constantly be immersed in a relationship, Tom challenges him to find his place in the universe and uses past life regression to help Jerry understand how his actions provide consequences beyond his current life.
Superstition Mountain provides a perfect backdrop as Tom continues his spiritual pilgrimage to find the key to true happiness.

About the author:
Dr. Jerry’s life has been as interesting as it has been varied. He has a Ph.D. in Human Learning and has worked in Schools, Mental Health Organizations, and as a Forensic Psychologist for the Department of Corrections. Besides providing treatment, he has trained other people in how to best help those in need. His techniques and approaches have been presented in print by news media and on national television.
Dr. Jerry will say his life experiences are equally important, bringing him to this point in time. He has skydived more than 1400 times, has 3,000 hours of flying airplanes and helicopters, scuba dives, repels, and is an avid motorcycle rider. Dr. Jerry trains horses, riding them in the Midwest, as well as the desert Southwest.
Relationships have been important for this lifetime. He has been married several times and “in love” with many more, as he has learned the power of connections in this life’s journey. Dr. Jerry has said, with a smile, "I have been in relationship  school."
“We create our own universe,” Dr. Jerry says. “Our thoughts about ourselves, relationships, and life in general begin by the things we say and think, every moment of our life. These thoughts provide the structure for our reality and are powered by the emotions we feel. The people who are in our life have been drawn there by the pictures and thoughts we create.”
Dr. Jerry wants us to understand this concept of life and use it to shape the future we want. He writes a fictionalized account of his own struggle to learn these lessons in Desert Journey, available on this website.

 My review:
Thank you very much for this wonderful book. It is a powerful sequel and every man and woman should read this book about a spiritual journey. Again WONDERFUL. Go buy and read this book ASAP people, you will not regret it. (:

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