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 About the author:
Roland has been writing since his early teens, first as a hobby, but as the years passed, more as a serious  creative pursuit.  He is an avid reader, with his main interests residing in history, mythology, and literary classics, along with some fantasy and science fiction in his earlier years.  Although his college years were  focused on a technical education, he always fostered his interest in literature, and has sought to fill every gap on his bookshelves. 
  By nature a do-it-yourself type of personality, his creative inclinations started with art and evolved to the  written word.  The process of creativity is a source of fascination for him, and the notion of bringing something  to being that would not exist without personal effort and commitment serves not only as inspiration but as fulfillment as well.  So whether it is writing, woodwork, or landscaping, his hands and mind are not often at  rest.
  Over the years he accumulated a dust laden catalog of his written works, with his reading audience limited to  family and friends.  It was only recently that he decided to become serious about publication and the pursuit of a writing career.  After deciding to approach this as a profession and not a hobby, the first glimmers of success came along.  Since making the decision to move forward, he has secured publication for a number of short stories, has received a nomination for inclusion in the Pushcart Anthology, built his own website, and in November 2010 realized publication for an anthology of three novellas, titled Remnant, from All Things That  Matter Press.
  His writing can best be described as depicting strange people involved in perhaps stranger situations.  He is   not devoted to any one genre of writing.  Instead, he prefers to let his stories follow their own path. Classification can follow after the fact, but if one is looking for labels, one would find his stories in several  categories.  Sometimes speculative, other times supernatural, at times horror, with journeys into mainstream  fiction, and even some humor- or perhaps the bizarre.  Despite the category, he aims to depict characters as  real on the page as they are in his head, with prose of literary quality.  His literary inspirations are as eclectic  as his written works- from Poe to Kate Chopin, from Homer to Tolkien, from Flaubert to William Gibson, from  Shakespeare to Tolstoy, as long as a piece is true to itself, he is willing to go along for the ride.  He hopes to  bring the same to his own fiction.

About the book:
"When all that's left is broken, which piece do you pick up first?"
So the question stands, and seeks fulfillment- a path reaching from the shores of a doomed paradise, through an illusory reality, and ending in a devastated future.  REMNANT, a collection of three novellas, is both the sum of these tales and the element that binds them together.

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My review:
I love this book and how it is so in depth. He is a wonderful author. At first by the name of the book I thought no way is this going to be a book for me boy was I wrong. Thank you so much B2B for bringing this job posting for this book review. I applied and got it yay.

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