Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Warrior's Soul by SR Staley Review (:

About the book :

Luke is sure his martial arts training is worthless. That's why he quit. But when Dirk and his thugs move into his school, Luke quickly realizes that he may be the only one who can save Lucy, Chuck, and his other friends from their relentless and violent gang. Only Luke can make the ultimate decision to help his friends and stand up to the gang. It's a stark choice, and one he can't make alone.
A Warrior's Soul is Luke's journey as he struggles to cope with the gang, teachers who don't understand the threat, disbelieving parents, and his own lack of confidence. Will he have the courage to return to the dojo and resume his training? Will he have the wisdom to know when to confront the gang?

About the author:

This is his own words:

I have written hundreds of articles and commentaries during my two-decade long career as a public policy researcher, analyst, and novelist, but no form of writing captures my interest and passions like books. I love the "long form" of storytelling, and books provide the format and freedom to take my characters down paths my initial idea or outline could never have imagined. I find this especially true in fiction, but it's also true for my nonfiction. Writing is a process, and as a writer, I allow my creative juices to be energized by the journey.
I have traveled extensively in my full-time job, giving speeches, lectures and workshops in dozens of cities in the U.S. as well as Europe and Asia. (I've been to China & Hong Kong nearly 20 times since 1992). I have traveled to 42 U.S. states.
Professionally--my "day job"--I am the Associate Director of the DeVoe Moore Center in the College of Social Sciences at Florida State University in Tallahassee where I also teach classes in urban planning and urban economics. I am also a senior research fellow with Reason Foundation in Los Angeles, where I founded the urban policy program in 1997.
Educationally, I earned my B.A. in economics-public policy from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, my M.S. in applied economics from Wright State University, and my Ph.D. in public policy & management from The Ohio State University. I also spent two years in the doctoral program in economics at George Mason University where I was a Bradley Fellow in the Center for Study of Public Choice from 1989-1990.

My review:
I was so surprised by this book. I loved it so much and to tell you the truth before reading it, i did not have high expectations of this book. Boy oh boy was I wrong. It was so sad and I felt bad for the boy in the story. Gangs are nothing fun and they had to be stopped. You should totally go buy and read this book. (:

Stars I give this book:

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