Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Death's Crooked Shadow" by Gordon Robertson Review! ((:

About the book:
Death's Crooked Shadow

Real estate developer Doug Sutherland thinks it is just going to be another sweltering summer day in Chicago. But when the foreman restoring his late father's rundown office building discovers a skull and human bones encased in a crumbling Greek column, Sutherland is suddenly propelled into a cauldron of greed, sadism, and murder. The last thing Sutherland needs is bad publicity. When he learns the victim is notorious alderman Danny Delaney, however, he realizes a fifteen-year-old mystery is about to be solved-and that now, his deceased father is one of the prime suspects. Then the murdered man's notebook and videotapes suddenly surface, and Sutherland discovers that his father had more secrets than he ever realized. As he is relentlessly harassed for what he might know-endangering both his life and his business-Sutherland must convince everyone that he knows nothing. Unfortunately, no one believes him. As a desperate Sutherland collaborates with an ambitious reporter and his calculating sister in a pursuit strewn with murder victims, he soon finds out that trusting the wrong person can lead to dire consequences.

My review:
I found this book to be real interesting. I enjoyed reading it but the question remains would I have spent my own money to buy this book to read it? The answer to that question is no. Yes it is a good book but I tend to be picky about the little money I have and what books I buy for myself. This is where your going to get confused because I would tell all my readers to read this book somehow. I would say about 75% of my readers should go out and actually buy it with their own money. I do want the author to know that he is a wonderful author in my eyes and I hope he keeps up the great work.

Stars I give this book:
***** (5)

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