Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"The Rx Factor" by John Shaw Review ((:

About the book:
After emerging from a five year hangover on the Bahamian Island of Exuma, Dr. Ryan Matthews begins his quest to find the truth behind the real cause of the death of his family.
Sobered up by the sensational murder of the family of the new women in his life, Jordan Carver, Ryan sets off on a thrill ride of adventure, marred in danger, with villains at the highest level of both the corporate and political worlds determined to bring him down. To discover the truth and expose one of America's best kept secrets, Ryan will have to bend the rules, break the law and maybe even kill.

About the author:
John Thomas Shaw was born in Quincy, IL, attended college at Illinois State University in Normal, IL and relocated to Chicago after his graduation. Following a successful career with a national mortgage company, he co-founded Guaranteed Rate, Inc. which is now one of the fastest growing independent mortgage bank in the United States. The author now lives in the San Diego area with his wife and two children. Prior to his relocation to California, Mr. Shaw lived six years in Durham, NC followed by two years living in the families rustic log cabin in the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range area of Colorado and has traveled extensively throughout the Bahamas’, Caribbean and Mexico. The scenes throughout The RX Factor takes place in the various locations that the author has lived or experienced in his travels. Throughout the process of writing The RX Factor, the author consulted with his good friend, Johnny Powers Ph.D.

My review:
I want to be honest and say that I thought I was not going to like this book at all boy was I wrong. I loved it. Great job on this book Mr. Shaw. I butterflying love it. ((: All of you, my readers should read this book. I would say this book is not for the younger generation. I cannot picture anyone under 23 really wanting to reading it.

Stars I give this book:
***** (5)

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  1. Kimberley,

    I am delighted that you enjoyed my story. Being that you began reading without high expectations and ended up butterflying loving it, speaks volumes.

    Thanks for the great review.

    J. Thomas Shaw


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