Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Good Sellers, Bad Buyers- Protecting Yourself on Ebay" by Lexie Thornton Review!!! (((:

About the book:
An Essential Guide to Protecting Your eBay Business

eBay's trading universe is filled with good people. As a seller, the vast majority of buyers you'll encounter aren't out to steal from you. 

Like the offline world, though, online retail has its fair share of bad buyers wrecking havoc on good eBay sellers, virtual shoplifters and nasty customers who scam their way to free merchandise and undeserved refunds, while damaging your feedback score, threatening your account status and jeopardizing your bottom line.

From "Item Not Received" cheats to "Significantly Not as Described" rip-offs, returns scams and other bad behaviors, buyers have a multitude of tricks to use when going on the attack. Not to be overlooked are identity thieves and professional criminals who target eBay sellers with spoof emails, overpayment schemes and other cons.

Safeguarding yourself on eBay is similar to protecting your home from break-ins. While no security system is foolproof, the object is to make your home a less appealing target. So, too, with selling online.

Good Sellers, Bad Buyers: Protecting Yourself on eBay shows you:
  • The most popular scams bad buyers use, with multiple variations
  • How to steer clear of Internet scams run by professional criminals, such as phishing attempts, fake payment emails, and phony drop shippers
  • How to be your best eBay seller, and the role that plays in discouraging dishonest customers
  • How to use the tools eBay gives you to screen out bad buyers
  • Helpful deterrents against scammers when listing, collecting payment and shipping your merchandise
  • How to save your Detailed Seller Rating stars from losing their luster
  • What steps to take when a bad or dishonest buyer strikes
  • How to utilize skilled customer service to turn around a difficult or bad buyer
  • What you need to defend item disputes and chargebacks filed against you
  • How to successfully manage returns
  • Your rights as a seller
  • How to report bad buyers
  • Ways to get negative feedback revised or removed
  • Important safety tips when selling on eBay, and more.
Sometimes all it takes is one really awful buyer to get under your skin and make you want to quit eBay for good. Don't give up. Use your own smarts and business savvy to deal with those dishonest, bottom-feeding, want-everything-for-nothing, or just plain nasty buyers instead.

My review:
I did not like this book. I am not saying that you will not like it, but it just was not for me. Thank you for letting me review this book. ((:

Stars I give this book:
* (1)

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