Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"It’s a Love Game" by A.G. Starling Review!!! ((((:

About the book:
Lizzie Bennington is on the brink of winning her first title in a mixed doubles match at the Boca Raton tournament when Jack Archer, Lizzie’s competitor across the net, stops play complaining of leg cramps. As she watches the trainer’s
hands move up Jack’s muscular loin, Lizzie tries to keep her composure, but she cannot hide her admiration. When Jack catches an unwitting look of
prurient pleasure in Lizzie’s eye, the real game between the plucky, spirited beauty and the reckless, thrill-seeking playboy begins.
But Jack’s overtures only anger Lizzie. She can’t forget the unsportsmanlike stunt that lost her the Boca match. She knows he is a notorious playboy.
What’s more, Christina Richter is his partner off the court as well as on it. Still, Lizzie cannot deny her attraction. When she finally gives in, the relationship is threatened not only by Christina but by the number one men’s player, Rodolfo Salazar, a volatile sexy Spaniard, who would like nothing better than to cross
the net to get to Lizzie before Jack does.
Even so, no one stands in the way of Lizzie and Jack’s union more than Lizzie and Jack themselves. Only ti me will tell if two players on opposite sides of the net can find love.

About the author:
I live with my dog, Suttree, in Monterey, California, where I am a college professor. I am an ardent reader of the author who designed the flawless blueprint for the romance novel—Jane Austen, and an avid sports fan.

I think the competitive spirit between two athletes is a perfect frame for a contemporary romance. Think about the steamy tension that would arise if an athlete was hot for his or her opponent. 

This occurred to me after watching a handsome hunky professional tennis player call for the trainer and receive a massage on the court during a match. I was at the gym at the time and it was a good thing because running on the treadmill gave me some excuse for my blushing face (other than the obvious one, of course). Those trainer's hands moving up those muscular thighs was sexy. I really felt as though I ought to have been in the privacy of my own bedroom watching it. I couldn't help but feel the two men working out on either side of me felt the same. When we glanced over at each other, we all quickly looked away as though embarrassed at having caught each other in the act! Well lo and behold, talking to one of my girlfriends later that day, I discovered she had the same reaction watching that massage! Then we noticed people discussing it online! And again, all with the same reaction. SEXY! HOT! STEAMY! 

That's when it occurred to me, suppose this tennis player had been playing a mixed doubles match. What might his female opponent on the other side of the net be feeling? Then it occurred to me. Why not a story in which hero and heroine are not only both athletes but competing against each other in the same sport? Now that would create explosive sexual tension...the perfect romance. 

I like strong heroines. Women with pluck, spirit and wit, like our beloved Elizabeth Bennet. When I think of a contemporary Lizzie, I think one could not do better than the 2012 Olympic female athletes one looks up to – Jennings and Treanor, Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, etc. They would be a match for any hero. I don't know about you, but I would like to see such a heroine give her hero as good as she gets

My review:
This is an incredible book. I love reading about Lizzie and Jack. They have amazing character personalities and the romantic part is a plus. I would say this book is for any female 16+. I would say that you my readers should buy this book for someone in your life for Christmas at

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